Bitmain Appoints New Legal Representative and General Manager

Crypto mining rig maker Bitmain appointed Zhou Feng as its legal representative and general manager, the company said in a WeChat post.

Zhou was a key deputy to Bitmain co-founder Zhan during a battle for control of the world’s biggest crypto mining machine manufacturer between Zhan and co-founder Wu Jihan. Zhan will continue to serve as Bitmain’s chairman.Zhou’s rich experience in supply chain management will “surely write a more brilliant new chapter,” the WeChat post said.The news was announced at an Oct. 28 staff meeting to celebrate its eighth-year anniversary. At the meeting, Bitmain also gave the “Same Boat Award” to employees that have been with the company for over five years.Legal representatives are the cornerstone of Chinese corporate authority as they are entitled to act on the company’s behalf.

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