Burger King to Give Crypto Rewards With Robinhood

Fast-food chain Burger King plans to give away crypto as prizes to its customers in partnership with brokerage platform Robinhood.

Starting Monday for three weeks, members of Burger King’s Royal Perks loyalty program in the U.S. who spend more than $5 on the restaurant chain’s app will be rewarded with one coin from a pool of 20 bitcoin, 200 ether and 2 million dogecoin.

The overwhelming majority of users will receive DOGE. Roughly one in every 10,000 will receive an ether and one in every 100,000 will receive a complete bitcoin.Having received an email code confirming the reward, users need a Robinhood crypto account to claim it.With reduced trading activity in recent months leading to significantly fewer new funded accounts, Robinhood’s revenue fell by 78% during the third quarter. The Nasdaq-listed brokerage platform may be hoping to capture the momentum of crypto’s latest bull run and return to adding new customers as promotions like this spur reward-receivers to open accounts.

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