Florida County Miami-Dade to ‘Study Feasibility’ of Paying Taxes With Crypto

Miami-Dade County in Florida has approved a resolution to create a taskforce to study the feasibility of accepting crypto as a form of payment for taxes.

The Cryptocurrency Task Force will offer recommendations around other potential policies related to crypto that could prove advantageous, according to an announcement Wednesday.First and foremost, the taskforce will explore how Miami-Dade could accept crypto as a method of payment for taxes, fees and services.The taskforce also intends to meet with Wyoming-based American CryptoFed DAO, the first legally recognized decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the US and other legislators and regulators in the state to discuss crypto and blockchain initiatives.Wyoming has attempted to attract investment in recent years through establishing itself as a crypto and blockchain-friendly state, passing legislation in April to legally recognize DAOs, companies whose governance is built on smart contracts and where decision making is shared around the organization.The City of Miami is another jurisdiction to have adopted such a stance, thanks to some degree to its pro-crypto mayor Francis Suarez.

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