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How to understand blockchain technology

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How to use exchanges and where best to buy from.

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How to safely store your crypto on wallets

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Connect  and learn from experienced crypto traders.

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How to understand blockchain technology

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How to understand blockchain technology

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Our live entry and exit points in trades and coins 

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In depth Spotlight Crypto reports 


Opening up our own portfolios


Intra -day technical analysis 


Trading signals

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Live monthly calls

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How to mine crypto 

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Q/A sessions from cryptocurrency companies and our team 


Guest appearance by fintech specialists and blockchain experts/ developers

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About YBC

After many years of successfully and profitably navigating the cryptocurrency space, Our expert team has created the most comprehensive crypto hub you can get your hands on. Join thousands of other crypto investors making life changing earnings daily
Understanding cryptocurrency can often feel like you are learning a new language, this course has been devised to fast track your success and show you how to build a profitable passive portfolio.
There have never been better conditions to begin investing in cryptocurrency, with governments printing money faster than ever before, banks charging negative interests on your money, cryptocurrency is the only true deflationary asset class remaining. We know more about crypto than ever before, it has been around for over a decade and is showing no signs of slowing down or going away. What are you waiting for?
Cryptocurrency has made more millionaires in the last year than any other asset class in history, and…

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