Most Influential 40: Tim Beiko

Ethereum 2.0, the most significant feat of engineering ever attempted in crypto’s short history, has been a multi-year endeavor. Ethereum developer Tim Beiko has played an outsized role helping to orchestrate this operation – which will see the most-actively used blockchain switch to an entirely new consensus mechanism, like swapping out a person’s skeleton – by hosting core protocol meetings this year. The project hit several milestones in 2021, including multiple hard forks and deployment of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), many of which Beiko led.

What was one lesson this year?

How to keep (some!) focus during a bull market, when distractions abound.

What was your biggest success?

Getting EIP-1559 live on the Ethereum mainnet!

Name one big plan for 2022.

Transitioning Ethereum from proof of work to proof of stake!

How is crypto going to change the world by 2030?

Ethereum’s economy will be [at] “top 10 country” scale.

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