Robinhood Becomes First Platform to Offer 24/7 Crypto Phone Support

Robinhood, the online brokerage platform that went public in July, is introducing 24/7 phone support for users with inquiries about their investments, including crypto. The service makes it the first crypto platform to offer all-hours phone support, stealing a march on crypto exchange Coinbase, which has pledged to offer something similar by the end of the year.

Users with queries or problems will request a call within the app. Robinhood aims to have a representative with expertise in the field call back within 30 minutes of the request, crypto lead Christine Brown told CoinDesk.

Customers will be notified when they are next in line to be contacted. They will also be provided with the number that the call will come from so they know it is genuine.

Robinhood is expecting “a wide range of questions” from its users, Brown said.

“Customers can request phone support for all issues or questions, including all trading and security issues as well as all crypto questions,” she said. “Even super simple questions such as ‘What is a wallet?’ or ‘What is the difference between bitcoin and bitcoin cash?’ can be addressed, as well as standard support issues to do with their account, trades etc.”

Robinhood has approximately 2,700 support staff (including contactors) based across the U.S. to field such enquiries.

In the coming months, Robinhood also plans to offer technical support over the phone to customers who cannot log in to their accounts.

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