Setting up MetaTrader 5

1) Choose a MetaTrader 5 Download

2) Log into your MetaTrader 5 Account

Once you’ve installed MT5, you will need to now log into your account. On the left hand side you will see some panels. Right click on “Accounts”
Click “Open an Account”. Next a screen will pop up asking you to search for your broker. In the search box type TCBRidge-Demo.
(for a live account it would be TCBRidge-Live)

Click Next
Next select “Connect with existing trade account”
Here you will go back to your broker to get your login details, input the details and select TCBridge-Live if it’s a live account or Demo if it’s a demo account
Then click Finish
If you’ve done all that correctly, you should see your margin.

3) Placing an order

The first thing your going to want to do is “Show All” of your trading pairs, to see what’s available to trade. Right click on the market watch panel and select show all, like below.
Once you can see all your pairs, right click on the one you want to place on order on.
A pop up box will appear when you click “New Order”. This is very straight foward.
Set your SL and TP as normal, and click Sell or Buy