SocialFi Puts Agency Back in the Hands of Users

There are now over 100 million wallet addresses in the world, and the number of crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts keeps growing every day. The crypto community has economic power, interlinking relationships and seamless communication potential, but why doesn’t it have its own social media? A truly native crypto- and NFT-dedicated social media platform with a high density of fans has not yet been born.

For crypto markets to grow in size and participants, there needs to be increased trust. For those who aren’t crypto native, the landscape can be bewildering. There are also dangers from scammers and spammers. It’s hard to fully protect users from these bad actors, but one way is to create a venue where they can get accurate information and not get played – a dedicated public opinion forum and social media platform for crypto communities.

Furthermore, the current model of social media is inherently extractive. The platforms take their customers’ data and sell it on, while serving them increasingly intrusive advertising. As the saying goes: Users aren’t paying for social media; they are the product. This must change, and one way is through a fusion of social and finance (SocialFi), which puts the economics back in the hands of users.

SocialFi aims to deliver benefits and rewards to users through the financialization and tokenization of social influence. Monaco Planet is a next-generation SocialFi platform that successfully completed its first round of multi-million-dollar financing with Three Arrows Capital and IMO Ventures. It goes live on Nov. 28.

Monaco Planet attacks the problem of spammers and scammers by requiring login through wallets such as MetaMask. Because users can showcase their NFT collections on their personal profile page, their level of engagement and dedication identifies true influencers. Users who publish and show their own activities can follow verified key opinion leaders (KOL) throughout the community. The platform can also rank users by net worth and influence of their NFTs, fostering organic connections between KOLs and users.

By introducing the concept of write-to-earn, content creation itself serves as a form of mining. Active content creators and discussion participants on Monaco Planet continuously reap the benefits in the form of native tokens. Most native tokens will be distributed to users who generate content, creating a form of mining that is sustainable, inclusive and genuinely productive.

A true SocialFi platform belongs to its users. And as the vast majority of Monaco Planet’s native currency will be distributed to users as rewards for content creation, Monaco Planet functions as a true decentralized autonomous organization, governed by native token holders who can send in proposals and vote. As a SocialFi platform, the ownership and governance of Monaco Planet are determined by the users themselves. Moreover, holders of native tokens will enjoy the currency appreciation brought by the platform’s growing economic activity.

As early users of Monaco Planet’s SocialFi platform, NFT holders will be the initial beneficiaries of content mining. They will enjoy the first batch of airdrops and act as mining leads during the first month of invitation-only membership. NFT holders will have exclusive quotas and whitelists for participating in popular projects and the privilege of increased visibility of posts, broadcasting and building groups.

Monaco Planet’s SocialFi makes it clear: Influence you can trust is now a currency that can be minted.

You can learn more about Monaco Planet at, follow the project on Twitter and join the conversation on Discord.

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