Top Blockchain University: City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong is a relatively young institution, having been founded only in 1984. But it has launched into the crypto education and research space without hesitation.

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City University of Hong Kong offers its students courses like “Cryptocurrency and Blockchain” at the department of information systems, which includes an opportunity to develop decentralized applications. It also offers shorter courses for those already in the industry, such as the “Executive Certificate in Applications of Blockchain in Financial Technology,” which takes one to two months to complete. The latter course is taught by a current senior fintech expert at Alibaba.

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The City University’s College of Business and the School of Data Science together organized the Virtual Crypto Forum in 2020, which brought together speakers from the regional industry as well as academics from Asia and the U.S.

In 2019, the City University partnered with global accountancy Deloitte and fintech firm FORMS to build a blockchain platform for quick and efficient verification of candidates’ academic credentials.

The City University is well-staffed with researchers interested in blockchain. Dr. Simon Trimborn, an assistant professor of business statistics, focuses on high-dimensional data analysis used to approach cryptocurrency markets and blockchains from the angle of statistical mathematics. He earned his Ph.D in the statistics of digital finance. Dr. Xiaofan Liu has similarly published work on blockchain technology, including co-authoring an article entitled “CryptoKitties Transaction Network Analysis: The Rise and Fall of the First Blockchain Game Mania.”

The city of Hong Kong has an illustrious place in the brief history of blockchain and crypto. The largest stablecoin in the world, tether, was born in the city as well as the crypto derivatives exchange FTX Trading – to name just two. Hong Kong’s financial regulations have also been relatively friendly to crypto. Students settling in the city might find opportunities aplenty on their doorstep.

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