Top Blockchain University: Sun Yat-sen University

Sun Yat-sen University has been diligently contributing academic support to the lively blockchain innovation happening across China.

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Academics at Sun Yat-sen have been responsible for a trove of published research into blockchain technology over recent years. Zibin Zheng, for example, together with colleagues from inside and outside the institution, has investigated the use of blockchain in cloud exchange.

Zheng has received awards for the research, including for individual papers at conferences, and an IBM PhD Fellowship Award. He runs a lab at Sun Yat-sen called InPlusLab. Its work includes “Revisiting Double-Spending Attacks on the Bitcoin Blockchain” and other research papers.

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Sun Yat-sen counts among its alumni a managing director at blockchain software firm ConsenSys, a founding partner at crypto asset investment firm Primitive Ventures and a director at digital asset exchange

Sun Yat-sen is one of the top-tier universities in China and spreads itself across five campuses in three major cities in the southern Guangdong province. The province has shown signs of embracing blockchain enterprise. In 2020, it backed a blockchain platform that helped streamline the process of bank lending to small businesses.

Among the university’s scientific claims to fame is that it possesses one of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

Although China banned all cryptocurrency transactions in September 2021, that does not take away from the adoption of blockchain technology more widely in the country for alternative functions. The state has actually supported some blockchain firms, helping them to explore use cases in fields like medicine and energy. President Xi Jinping called upon China to adopt distributed ledger technologies in October 2019.

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