Top Blockchain University: Tsinghua University

China’s Tsinghua University in the capital city of Beijing was ranked as the best university in Asia in 2019 and 2020 by the Times Higher Education world university rankings, and its blockchain educational offerings live up to that standard.

Tsinghua University
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The Tsinghua International Blockchain Association was founded by students in 2018, operates in the English language and organizes events for enthusiasts throughout the university. Companies like Polkadot and Findora have participated in its events, along with Tsinghua faculty members and PhD candidates.

Tsinghua’s blockchain education is notable for extending beyond the institution’s walls and encouraging the decentralized collaboration that blockchain epitomizes.

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In 2018, Tsinghua University launched the Youth Education Chain League to spread education about blockchain technology to students worldwide. According to Chinese news reports, more than 30 educational institutions set up nodes on the chain within the first year to share content mutually.

Tsinghua University’s finance school pushes blockchain studies by means of its Research Center for Blockchain, which focuses particularly on developing industrial applications of the technology.

The finance school at Tsinghua University was built out of the graduate school of the Chinese central bank and taken under the wing of the university in 2012. Its students have gone on to play historic roles in the development of China’s financial sector, including founding the country’s first joint-stock commercial bank and first mutual fund.

Although China banned all cryptocurrency transactions in September 2021, that does not take away from the adoption of blockchain technology more widely in the country for alternative functions. The state has actually supported some blockchain firms, helping them to explore use cases in fields like medicine and energy. President Xi Jinping called on China to adopt distributed ledger technologies in October 2019.

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