Tron Foundation, APENFT Launch $100M Fund for NFT Projects

Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation has joined with APENFT, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, to launch a $100 million fund to support NFT projects and digital artists.

The Art Dream fund aims to collect “meaningful stories and catalyze financial and cultural inclusion in the metaverse,” said APENFT, which operates on the Tron blockchain founded by Sun.The metaverse is an environment generated by the convergence of virtual worlds, augmented reality and internet services.Artists will receive support and guidance from the Tron Foundation and APENFT, including advice on copyright protection and other legal aspects.The first theme for submissions is “Second Life.” The fund is calling for digital talents to apply by creating digital artworks exploring the Second Life in a digital parallel universe.The two firms have cooperated before: In August, the Tron Foundation announced it had partnered with APENFT and WINKLink to launch the $300 million Tron Arcade fund, which will invest in so-called GameFi projects over the next three years.

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